On The Road Again

Near Golden, British Columbia

On the road again. And alone again.

I just spent ten days traveling with a friend in the Canadian Rockies, a trip we planned three years ago but postponed when it became clear I would be in the throes of chemo.  We had a fabulous time.  My highlights?  1 – the incredible wildlife we were blessed to witness, including a nursing black bear and her three frolicking cubs.  2 – the amazing scenery of overwhelming mountains, emerald lakes, and beautiful reflections.  3 – getting to share the adventure with another human being.  I enjoy solitude but travelling with my friend was awesome.  Today I dropped her off near the Calgary airport.

It was decision time.  Do I continue or give up and go home?  Going home is not that easy.  We’re talking five 8-hour days of driving.  And when I get home, then what?  Once I was able to shift my way of thinking from “I’m dying of cancer in the brain” to “I’m living with cancer in the brain,” things seem different. If I can function relatively okay, that is.

Before leaving on the trip, my newest doctor put me on a steroid boost to help me walk better.  He gave me his blessing to go and seemed determined to make it possible.  This is the guy who gave me his email address and his cell phone number.  Well, guess what?  He checked in to see how I was doing on the trip!  I love this guy.  I was doing okay at the time but then became more and more wobbly about a week ago.  I messaged him and he called me on my cell phone.  So sweet.  I am now back on a low-dose steroid, but even though I take it early in the morning, it still seems to wreak havoc on my sleep.  I may try to stop them once out of the mountains.  It is a fine balance, but I will deal.

And thus continue.  I have completed my first month of the road journey and have a month to go.  I head west tomorrow.  After spending the night in Hope, British Columbia, I will stay several nights on Lopez, one of the San Juan Islands, then the Olympic Peninsula of Washington, and then with a cousin west of Seattle.  After that relaxing interlude, I head south through California (Redwoods, Yosemite, Santa Barbara with a friend, Sequoia, and Death Valley).  Then I head back East with interesting stops along the way.

I hope you are all enjoying your summers, while avoiding the intense heat I have been hearing about.  I think my cool days are over! 

7 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I absolutely loved reading this! Love hearing about your adventures and am so glad you are having such a good time! The picture is awesome! You are awesome!
    Lots of Love,


  2. So glad you’re doing this trip, Debbie! Sounds amazing and the photos I’ve seen were stunning!!! Enjoy! 😘


  3. Awe inspiring on many levels! Keeping up with you and your journey is a great antidote to any gloom the world presents!


  4. Your journey is awe inspiring on many levels.it’s a great antidote to the gloom our daily news presents, hope your travels continue to go well. ❤️Nancy

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  5. Congrads on making it through the first part of your journey. Looking forward to the second part. Love ya.


  6. Your trip sounds wonderful and I’m glad you decided to continue going. You’re an inspiration


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