From Somewhere in the Center of the U.S.   

The week on the beach in North Carolina was beautiful.  My friends and I had a very relaxing time reading, eating, and enjoying each other’s company.  Someday I will post some photos.

My last MRI at the end of May showed the area around the big tumor becoming inflamed again.  That explains my worsening sense of balance.  The good news is that no more spots have appeared (beyond the little spot I have in addition to the big one).  I will continue to have MRIs every three months or so. 

I had a virtual meeting with my brain doc from Johns Hopkins.  He spent a lot of time with me doing some tests through the screen.  He was very encouraging regarding my road trip and put me on steroids for a week to try to get my balance back.  He also gave me some medicine to take when I go to high elevations.  And, he gave me his cell phone number!

As the school year wound down, I attended Class Day.  They added my name to the Community Service Award.  That was quite an honor.  I also received a box of beautiful notes from past parents, students, and colleagues.  Very sweet.

And now?  I’m in South Dakota, having begun my road trip over a week ago.  I spent four days in northern Illinois visiting friends, family, and saying hi to my folks.  (Well, I had a conversation with them where I put their ashes last summer.)  Then I headed west and visited with a friend in Iowa.  I am now playing tourist.  The Badlands and Black Hills regions of South Dakota are beautiful, and I got to see bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, pronghorns, and bison with their babies. 

I will soon continue northwest and stop at Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks before picking up my friend in Calgary.  We’ll then finally explore the Canadian Rockies, a trip that was delayed after my initial diagnosis two years ago.  After that?  I don’t know.  I have another month of reservations made, but I also might decide to head home.  Although I will be about 5 days of driving from home at that point! 

6 thoughts on “From Somewhere in the Center of the U.S.   

  1. South Dakota is an amazing world of its own, I am so glad you have gotten to explore it. Three different geologic zones in 100 miles! Did you find any dinosaurs?

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  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely time on your road trip. Keep on chugging along day by day.. moment by moment….


    1. Hi Debbie,
      So glad you are enjoying your trip! The time in the Badlands and Black Hills sounds great!


  3. Thinking of you, Deb! I’m here via Linda – following your journey with brain cancer and on the road again. Your travel sounds great and what the “heart doctor” ordered. Would love to see you when you get back. Big hugs to you!! ❤️🌸


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