Its Name is Teddy     

Posted at my guest house in Iceland over winter break

The night before my first radiation treatment, I felt the need to invite my tumor to tea and have a little chat.  I named him Teddy.  Well, during the middle of the night (sleep remains elusive) I thought about potential names.  I like Charlie, but “Travels with Charley” is taken (Steinbeck’s book is great).  I ran through the alphabet and thought of Freddie, but early the next morning a friend pointed out the horror film, and some guy even wears a mask that looks like mine.  Yeah, no.  Teddy it is. 

“Now Teddy.  I’m a little confused as to your intentions.  If you were a parasite, you would know that it is not in your best interest to kill off your host so quickly!  How about if we make a deal.

If you shrink enough so that I can enjoy hiking in the woods again, and I can recover some hope of going on my planned trips this year, maybe we can work something out and learn to live together.

Radiation starts tomorrow.  I would like you to slim down some so you are not swelling so much into my part of the brain.  What do you think?”

He was a little quiet.  I hope he was listening.

My weekend, so far, has been positive.  I got some more sleep and am spending time with good friends.  I am also enjoying the daybreak from my balcony, while reading Jane Goodall’s latest book: The Book of Hope, A Survival Guide For Trying Times.  Her way of thinking is so desperately needed for our species.  It’s an easy read, and I highly recommend it. 

(By the way, although I decided not to respond to comments, I read and appreciate them all.  Thank you.)

5 thoughts on “Its Name is Teddy     

  1. The Marstellers name everything and I think your alliterated tumor name is very appropriate. May Teddy prove to be a friendly and gentle Bear who follows your directions well – even better than your students do! Sending love, Maralyn


  2. Dear Debbie, 
    We are thinking of you and urging Teddy to listen to you. You have given so much to all the kids who have taken your legendary science class. You are loved and adored by all. We are with you on your journey. Ildi (Lucas’ Mom)


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