Cleaning Out The System

Aren’t they cute? I am glad I got to go to Tanzania a few years ago.

Tomorrow is my fifth chemo infusion.  The good news is that there is only one more after that.  The bad news is, I still need to get through these two.

Many people are using this time at home to declutter and deep clean their homes.  I haven’t yet done much of that myself, but my body decided that was a good idea.  Since I last checked in, my digestive system did two rounds of serious, deep cleaning.  The first episode included nausea and feeling miserable.  The second episode was just like the prep needed before a colonoscopy, but it lasted for 30 hours straight, including all night.  I now know how someone can become severely dehydrated because, frankly, it doesn’t matter how much you drink.  Unfortunately, this last episode was just this past weekend, and my oncologist could tell it had happened simply by looking at my bloodwork from Monday morning.

I felt better Tuesday morning, but since then my hold on things has been tenuous at best.  I’m getting really tired of the BRAT diet!  They will repeat the blood work Thursday morning to see if we can go ahead with the scheduled infusion.  I’m doing my best to make this happen since any delay would be disheartening.  Why the involuntary cleanses are occurring is not clear.  A friend suggested that maybe I’ve picked up a C diff infection.  (Trust me.  You don’t want that.  Thanks Stan!  😊  )

16 thoughts on “Cleaning Out The System

  1. Ugh, Debbie, I can’t imagine 30 hours of colonoscopy-prep-like fun. I hope everything calms down. Thinking of you!!


    1. Oh yes, I take the maximum dose of two different drugs, including one prescription. They are looking for a stronger one for me….


  2. Hang in there Debbie. It sounds miserable, but I’m so glad you are writing about it so we will have a better idea of what you are going through.


  3. It seems strange to say that I hope you are able to have a chemo infusion, but I do. I also hope and pray that the final two infusions and their after effects are manageable. Continuing to root for you, my friend!


  4. So, did you have the infusion today? If so, only one more to go. What a bummer that you have been so ill. I wish I could ease your bad days (and nights)! Keep on hanging in there. Fingers and toes crossed that all went well today. Hugs, R


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