Chemo Round 1

Thursday, Day 1

The day of the infusion was fine.  The nurse hovered nearby during the hour of Docetaxel, in case there was an allergic reaction, but there was none.  On the drive home, my car had a little mishap.  Kind of a funny story.

Friday, Day 2

Feeling a little tired but no big deal.  We took the car in.  The mishap will cost $1200.  Still a funny story.  My 15-year-old little red Prius has been through a lot, but she’s still going strong.  My friend and I had a lovely Indian meal and drove the loaner home.  I felt very cold, 95.4 degrees, and tired, and the full-body aches were in full force.  At around 7:30 that evening my on-body Neulasta injector beeped.  An hour later it was empty. A little fire in my condo building made for some excitement and it was time for bed. 

Saturday, Day 3

Knocked out and down for the count.  The day is a bit of blur.  I remember thinking the tv was too loud, but I couldn’t find the remote.  And couldn’t be bothered.  Weeks ago, an experienced friend offered to come over any time, even to just pick up the remote.  Now I know what she was talking about.  I also remember wanting the nausea meds but not having the strength to get them.  Except for episodes of cramping diarrhea, I slept most of the day.  And was very cold.

Sunday, Day 4

Woke up feeling better.  I needed some fresh air and decided to return the loaner and pick up my car on my own.  I did.  And collapsed the rest of the day. 

Monday, Day 5

I made it to school.  Because last week was Intersession, this was our first day of classes after my students wore pink for me.  I recently cut my hair very short (I’m calling it my segue cut) and I found out that some of my students are saying I donated my hair.  I have no idea where that came from!  I taught my morning classes and colleagues covered for me in the afternoon so that I could go home to rest. 

Tuesday, Day 6

Today was a full day of classes, but during my first period I realized I needed to have Imodium with me.  Colleagues covered for me again as I made a mad dash home and back.  (Thank goodness I now live close by!) During my second period I had a massive acid attack.  I don’t know what else to call it.  Severe stomach pain followed by throat pain.  By the end of the day I felt horrible.  Fortunately, I already had an appointment scheduled with my internist.  My heart rate and blood pressure were high and my throat raw.  Since I already take the maximum dose of medications for acid reflux, there is not much to do.  She prescribed an abdominal ultrasound and a test for h pylori, but all of that came back normal.  It’s just another side effect of chemo.  I took a dose of “magic mouthwash” (it includes lidocaine) and had a very difficult night. 

Wednesday, Day 7

I woke up to sunlight, always a very startling thing this time of year!  I guess I finally slept but hit the alarm at some point.  Fortunately, I was able to make it to my hydration appointment at Sibley on time.  I remembered to put more lidocaine cream over my port, but it was still a significant “pinch.”  At least they are more honest and tell you to take a deep breath and hold it.  They said next time to put a big gob of cream on and cover it with plastic wrap.  Someday I’ll get this down.  They infused saline solution for two hours.  During that time, they found an additional medicine for the acid reflux (the size of the pills leads me to think they were meant for horses) and gave me a wig.  The very nice nurse navigator had me try on a bunch and I laughed at each one.  I just can’t imagine. 

Thursday, Day 8

Throat is getting better, but a mouth sore appeared.  Magic mouthwash really does help, however.  Diarrhea is getting worse.  I need to do a better job of staying ahead of that with the Imodium.  (We’re instructed to take more than the directions on the bottle.)

Friday, Day 9

A weak start to the morning but by the afternoon, I felt better.  Normal toothpaste and even alcohol-free mouthwash are painful.  A friend gave me some Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash.  I’m a fan already.

Saturday, Day 10

Tongue feels weird, but other than that I almost feel normal!  Round one to me.  Hah!  Take that chemo. 

5 thoughts on “Chemo Round 1

  1. Cute hairdo!!! I’m sure your Dad’s hat will come in handy in the near future. You got this girl! Keeping you in prayer.


  2. So much to go through and not knowing which symptoms are coming next and how bad they will be and how long they will take must be frightening. That sense of not being on control…hang in there Bud.


    1. Thanks. Today’s surprise is that my face broke out in red spots. It’s been a while since I worried about acne!


  3. You’ve done it again! You’ve managed to infuse humor into a rough stretch. My favorite line is, “Round one to me. Hah! Take that chemo.” Praying and believing that Round 2 will go to you, as well, my friend!


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