Swinging Freely

A few days before dad passed, I got my first MRI. 

Getting a breast MRI is a little different from most.  I’m standing next to the machine, in my socks and hospital gown, and the contraption on top looks like this could be awkward. 

A young man says, “I don’t know how else to explain this, but you need to make sure you are hanging freely.”  He says he will leave the room as I get myself arranged. 

I had to climb on top, lie down, and arrange my body parts so they “hang freely,” without getting caught on anything, all while trying to arrange the gown gracefully. 

I get myself all settled, while stifling laughter, when I realize that there is a large window overlooking the room.  Who knows who has been watching my maneuvering? 

All the banging and whirling and other odd noises were interesting.  I looked down through a hole.  They politely provided a mirror in which I could occasionally see someone’s pant legs. 

A few days later, the results showed multiple areas of suspicious shadows.

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