A Warm Blanket of Love

It felt strange to be faced with something so big and have no idea what to do.  Fortunately, the experts tend to guide you through. 

We decided to have dad’s memorial service the next weekend.  Ann, a longtime family friend flew in from Iowa to be with mom.  I went back home for more medical tests and to gather photos.

A surprising number of friends drove for hours to attend.  I felt surrounded by a blanket of love, much like the one my friend/sister Lubka sent to me.  The church was filled.  People shared stories. 

The biggest messages were dad’s sense of humor and the strong bond between my parents.  Throughout their time together they regularly recited the “Sweetheart Poem” to each other.  They were married on July 6th, 62 years ago, and during all that time, dad gave mom flowers on the sixth of each month.  He made that happen even when he was feeling horrible in the hospital. 

Mom feels so very alone.  The next day I went home for more tests and appointments. 

3 thoughts on “A Warm Blanket of Love

  1. What a wonderful blanket! You and your mom are enfolded in the arms (literally and figuratively) of so many who love you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, heartfelt thoughts with us.


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