Debbie's New Journey

I love adventure.

Including teaching middle school.

I have great friends.

And I have breast cancer.


This is my story.

Latest Updates

Cancer in the Time of Covid-19

What a strange time this is!  Most of us are at home.  Day in, day out.  Some alone.  Some with family.  For most people, the thought of getting covid-19 is frightening.  For those of us with cancer, it is terrifying.  Here are some experiences over the last ten days. Hair Loss – most people get … More Cancer in the Time of Covid-19

Good News!

It’s been a while since I could say that! PET Scan came back negative. There is no evidence of cancer beyond the lymph nodes. Yay!!!!


My feel-good week I felt almost normal this week.  Until I was reminded that I am not.  I anticipated a good weekend before my next treatment but woke up Saturday morning feeling blue.  That night I started losing my hair.  Then yesterday, Tuesday, I met with my oncologist and got freaked out again.  Because of … More Gratitude

Scary Words

Last week I heard my second scary word in this journey.  Cancer was not one of them.  I’ve had cancer before.  Many members of my family had cancer.  Dad had kidney cancer.  Mom had breast cancer.  Both uncles died of colon cancer.  Three of four grandparents had cancer: skin, stomach, and leukemia.  Wow.  When I … More Scary Words

Chemo Round 1

Thursday, Day 1 The day of the infusion was fine.  The nurse hovered nearby during the hour of Docetaxel, in case there was an allergic reaction, but there was none.  On the drive home, my car had a little mishap.  Kind of a funny story. Friday, Day 2 Feeling a little tired but no big … More Chemo Round 1

First Infusion

I was nervous, for sure.  But the way I deal with these things is to be interested in the process, and it was certainly fascinating.  I was fortunate to have my friend Ryanne, who went to Easter Island and the Atacama Desert with me last summer, fly in from California to share the experience with … More First Infusion

Entering the Cancer Center

First Meeting: I guess it’s official.  Entering the Kimmel Cancer Center seems to be a big moment.  My oncologist gave me the booklet outlining the chemo plan and side effects.  I thought I would get my schedule then, but there were three issues to deal with first:  Will my liver doctors at NIH and Georgetown … More Entering the Cancer Center

Time to be Stoic

They told me I needed an MRI-guided biopsy.  I’ve had many biopsies over the last twenty years.  And I just had an MRI.  I could not fathom how to combine the two.  I was soon to find out.  This time I had a female tech to guide me, but there was also the requisite young … More Time to be Stoic

Swinging Freely

A few days before dad passed, I got my first MRI.  Getting a breast MRI is a little different from most.  I’m standing next to the machine, in my socks and hospital gown, and the contraption on top looks like this could be awkward.  A young man says, “I don’t know how else to explain … More Swinging Freely

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