Debbie's New Journey

I love adventure.

Including teaching middle school.

I have great friends.

And I have breast cancer.


This is my story.

Latest Updates

A New Year

Tomorrow I am back in class!  I look forward to being in my science lab, with actual three-dimensional students, for the first time since March of 2020. I just read my last post and it’s time for an update.  Back in May I mentioned that my white blood cell counts remained low.  Side note: when … More A New Year

Many Ways to Give

Today is Mother’s Day.  My last post was on the day that mom died, December 30th.  Someone recently let me know that there are followers of my blog who don’t actually know me and are curious about how I’m doing.  Time for another post.  Hopefully my last. I’m feeling good.  In many ways, I am … More Many Ways to Give

There May Be Light

There may be light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still very dark.  The hole is closed, the stitches are out, and I have hope that my skin will stay intact.  I had another infusion on Christmas Eve and have only two more to go.  Soon the port will come out, and … More There May Be Light

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The hole is closed, and hopefully it stays closed!  Because it’s me, there’s a story……  I didn’t want to be put out, so I was awake the whole time.  Just as the surgery was about to start, the power went out.  I was waiting in the room when I saw the lights flicker and heard … More Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Hole

Remember that surgical wound that opened three and a half months after the second surgery?  A month later, and the hole is still there, unchanged.  Nothing has healed.  It’s still open and still oozing, although less than before.  To try to avoid a third surgery, he said I could pack it, myself, every day, for … More The Hole

Always a Puzzle

I often puzzle my doctors.  The story continues. Hole Last week one of my surgical wounds opened, 3 ½ months after the second surgery.  Liquid dripped out of me.  For days, I worried that I would need another surgery.  Well, it turns out that it shouldn’t be sewn back up!  The plastic surgeon thinks that … More Always a Puzzle


It has been a month since my last post!  What happened?  I guess that means I’m doing well, and I am. School started and I teach remotely.  That is going far better than expected.  And I’m feeling great.  I have a large chunk of time in the late morning, and if I’m not at a … More Radiation


When I was hiking in the woods in July, I saw four bucks.  Seeing deer is not that unusual, but seeing a buck is.  And there were four.  Just standing there and unbothered by me.  One kept staring at me.  I saw them again the next day, in the same spot.  Someone said that maybe … More Dad


Surgery was two weeks ago today.  Since it’s me, things didn’t go perfectly smoothly. Really Good News Pathology report showed no evidence of cancer, anywhere.  The cancer surgeon said that it is extremely rare to have cancer in the lymph nodes before chemotherapy and no cancer afterwards.  I could not have had a better response … More Surgery

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