Debbie's New Journey

I love adventure.

Including teaching middle school.

I have great friends.

And I have breast cancer.


This is my story.

Latest Updates

Up and At ‘Em

So much is going on! Lots of good news, too. This is Diana Belchase taking over Debbie’s blog for a little bit to keep you updated on her amazing progress. I know you haven’t heard from me in a day, but I deliberately wanted to keep Debbie a bit cocooned from too many excited well-wishes … More Up and At ‘Em

Getting Better!

Hi! I’m Diana Belchase reporting on Debbie while she’s in the hospital. If you’re like me, you’ve been worried and wondering when you’d hear the next bit of news, whether it would be good or bad. Well, our gal is pushing through and improving daily. She isn’t out of the woods, but so far, things … More Getting Better!


Hi, this is Diana Belchase reporting on Debbie once again. Her friend Susan Stadnik is updating from her bedside. I cannot improve on Susan’s words, so I’ll just copy them here. Last night at 8:30 pm: Update from Susan:Debbie is doing well. She is still in significant pain, but that is to be expected as … More Daybreak!

Out of Surgery!

So many of you are waiting to hear news, so I hope you don’t mind multiple posts. This is Diana Belchase once again updating you on behalf of Debbie. After five hours of surgery, the doctor told her friend, Susan Stadnik, that she was doing well and that Debbie was finally being transferred to the … More Out of Surgery!

I want the Icing!  

I left off last time saying that we were in limbo as to what to do.  Super Doc said I would hear the plan the next week.  The Tuesday after Labor Day the radiologist’s office called for a consult.  I expected that.  Then the brain surgeon’s office called.  What?  I know nothing about this!  I … More I want the Icing!  

Travels and Tumors: Update

Two friends and I took a cruise to Bermuda and had a blast.  Relaxing on my balcony, enjoying the fun excursions, and spending time with my caring friends made it all worthwhile.  To see some photos, look above and go to Menu, Travels with Teddy, Bermuda. I mentioned last time that I wasn’t feeling well.  … More Travels and Tumors: Update

Return to Reality

Yes, it took a week to get back, and what a slog.  Insomnia returned and trying to do something dangerous (driving), while you’re afraid of feeling sleepy, is its own form of torture.  I stopped a lot and took naps in rest areas.  My goal was six hours a day.  A day of rest in … More Return to Reality

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